Saturday, April 23, 2016

.Net Salary Survey 2016 Kinda

from VS Magazine - Job Opportunities for Developers 2016

" Software-Related Jobs from Lowest- to Highest-Paid
At No. 23, the lowest-ranked job that software developers would be candidates for was the standard developer position: software engineer. The pay is good, though (average base salary: $97,000), and the number of job openings is extraordinary: 99,000. No other job came close when in terms of demand. That probably explains why you're reading this column.
Next up, at No. 21 and No. 20, are UX designer and database administrator. Both have an average base salary of $96,000 but there are only 2,000 job openings for UX designers while there are 9,000 job openings for database administrators. Furthermore, that database administrator job is related to other jobs, higher in the list. The major issue is that most developers will regard you as a pain.
Moving up five points to No. 17 and No. 16 brings you to quality assurance manager and security engineer. The salary for both is about $5,000 more than the previous two positions ($102,000). It may say something about quality assurance in software development that QA manager has the fewest job openings of any of the software-related jobs on the list (1,700). Plus, of course, everyone hates you, not just the developers. Security engineer has only slightly more openings (2,100) but you have to consider the certainty of being fired the first time your company gets hacked."

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