Tuesday, June 14, 2016

OneDrive 2016 Upload Speed

Here my test results of using a browser to upload  a folder in Overdrive.
Overdrive queued a max of 3 files to upload simultaneously. 

Overdrive took 20 mins to upload 868 Mb folder, so roughly  
0.7233 Mb/s on a 29.22 Mpbs (down) / 7.54Mps (up) line.

Calculate your speed here

You can perform a speed test here.


Lets test a hypothesis in the comment section;

Is Onedrive speed maxing out at 
10% of your internet connection upload speed? 

Speed: 0.754 MB/s 

Size: 1 GB
22 Minutes and 38 Seconds

is a rough estimate to what I am getting for OneDrive upload times  - 1 Gig in 23 mins.

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