Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Microsoft's OneDrive 2016 Online Text Editor includes syntactic highlighting

Microsoft's OneDrive Online Text Editor is a amazingly easy an intuitive. It works with any text file including .txt, .html and .cs (C# Code files) and includes syntactic highlighting for these file types!

You may have missed the fact there is an text editor, since there is no indication of an EDIT option for text files.

There no EDIT in the main menu (at top) and there is no EDIT in the right-click menu (when you select the file). Adding EDIT would be a intuitive UI improvement.

To edit the text file, you just click on it.

Just click on your text file to edit file in the Online Text Editor!

OneDrive Online Text Editor is basic, but functional enough to make quick changes that you Save and you're done!

It really feels like a true mini-editor, so you can edit your project files online in a snap, and share those files quickly and easily with others on your team.

Simple and efficient, and comes with line numbers and syntactic highlighting! Great job OneDrive developers.

.txt file

Great feature, example of syntactic highlighting of .HTML document.

Example of syntactic highlighting of .cs (Microsoft .NET C# XAML) document.

One annoying item, however the main text file name is stripped of its file extension for the text document. For example, readme instead of readme.txt (you have to choose information icon to get the full file name). This can get confusing (see example below) when you are edit mainwindow.xaml.cs and .cs is remove. .xaml files are valid files so hence the confusion.

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