Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gmail : How to selecting multiple emails using keyboard shortcut almost

Gmail is a very popular with a reported 1 billion active daily users and you figure their engineers would designed Gmail with the best user interface experience possible for you, a user. 

But I will report one glaring over site, Gmail provides no keyboard shortcut to select multiple messages.

Outlook and Yahoo Mail provides this feature seamlessly and the way you would expect it, using Shift key to select multiple messages. 

So I give Gmail a big fat epic fail or F for not have a keyboard shortcut to select multiple messages.

Here's what you have to do in the mean time;

  1. Click the  gear in the top right and select Settings.
  2. Find the "Keyboard shortcuts" section and select Keyboard shortcuts on.

  3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
  4. To select multiple messages,

    Start with pressing x key(1) on first message, as inidicated by the vertical blue bar
    You can move this intuitively using up/down arrow keys.
    Now press Shift key (2) and with your mouse click the last message to select multiple messages.

Selection Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail - full keyboard shortcut list here.

xSelect contactChecks and selects a contact so that you can change group membership or choose an action from the drop-down menu to apply to the contact.

Its easy enough to select all messages, but a range impossible! 

Shortcut KeyDefinitionAction

* then aSelect allSelects all mail.
* then nSelect noneDeselects all mail.
* then rSelect readSelects all mail you've read.
* then uSelect unreadSelects all unread mail.
* then sSelect starredSelects all starred mail.
* then tSelect unstarredSelects all unstarred mail.

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