Sunday, October 25, 2015

Windows 10 - Set Time Automatically (from the internet)

The trend in Windows 10 of the Metro design is the simplification of user interfaces design, whose goal is universal access to non-technologist. However, too many times the balance between simple and loss of information to make decisions is lost. Let's take for classic example, the need to set time on your computer accurately. 

Windows 10 has a nice slide button that says to Set Time Automatically. Well that's vague, right. The first question now is set time automatically according to what?

Just adding "Set Time Automatically from internet" might be clearer or hover over with the additional information could have saved me from writing this post. 

Let's drill in, this setting auto-magically allows you to synchronize your Windows 10 time from a centralized time server.  All time server use Network Time Protocol (NTP). The default NTP server set by Microsoft is, which does a great job.

    However, for privacy and accuracy you may want to change that to your own country.

 You can change that in
Region & Language setting of  Region & language (capital L,    darn millennials).

How to change time setting to use a new NTP Server (in diagram) above:

  1. Choose Additionally date, time & region settings
  2. Click Set the time and date
  3. Choose Change settings...
  4. (not shown) Add new NTP Time server as listed below in new window (not shown).

Each respectable nation in the world, has their own NTP Servers, and here's a brief list; 
  1. USA -
  2. Canada -
  3. UK -  University of Manchester
    (UK Nation Physics Lab  NTP Server is no longer funded) 

More NTP Servers listed here for more country selection

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