Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Microsoft WINDOWS API CODE PACK v1.1 Download

WINDOWS API CODE PACK v1.1 for download 
Surprisingly,  difficult to find the orginal documentation, here's the full original Microsoft Windows API Code Pack v1.1  for download with source, binaries and full documentation. You can get the binaries (dlls) in Nuget but not the documentation.



The major changes v1.1 of the Windows API Code Pack includes:
·         Code clean-up
o    Addressed many FxCop violations and PREfast warnings
o    Various spot-fixes  for improved stability
o    Added String localization preparation
·         Bug Fixes within the Code Pack and Samples
·         New Features
o    PropVariant (Re-designed)
o    Thumbnail Handlers
o    Preview Handlers
o    ShellObjectWatcher
·         New Demos and Sample Applications
·         Visual Studio 2010 Compliance
·         xUnit test coverage
·         Signed assemblies

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