Friday, January 28, 2011

Installing KlamAV on Ubuntu 10.10

To resolve error : uid 1000 or gid 1000 errors
believed to occur when Clamav and klamav are installed on the same system when using kubuntu 10.10.

open terminal
cd  /var/lib
sudo rmdir clamav folder
mkdir /home/username/.klamav/database
open klamav the new folder should be recognized as 

New virus signatures will be downloaded. 

Resize Root Partition on Ubuntu 10.10

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Installing Pear PHP packages on Windows

Great article

with one exception this link downloads  -  PEAR-1.9.1.gz NOT .tgz

2 options :

1) Rename to .tgz
2) When unpacking (.gz) yeilds a file PEAR-1.9.1 with no extension. Rename this to PEAR-1.9.1.tar and now you can untar using 7-zip.

and  add  < ? php  (no spaces) into test-pear.php

Monday, January 3, 2011

Save a digital email message with an attached certificate (smime.p7s) from a signed message using Outlook.

Save a digital email message with an attached certificate (smime.p7s) from a signed message using Outlook. 

When you receive a signed or encrypted message, you can save the digital certificate of that person in your Contacts List. You first need to use your right mouse button and select the senders details:
This will give you the following screen, Select "Add to Outlook Contacts":
To check the certificate has been added to your contacts details, Click the "Certificates" tab. The certificate should be listed here: Click "Save and Close" to save it in your contacts.
Importing a downloaded digital certificate.

You can search for a digital certificate in an online database such as GlobalSign's, download the certificate and add it to your Contact details of your contact so that you can send an encrypted message to that person.
To import a downloaded digital certificate in your Contacts List:
  •       In Outlook 2007, create a new address or open an existing one in your Contacts List
  •       Choose "Certificates"
  •       Choose "Import"
  •       Select the downloaded file with the digital certificate and choose ‘open’
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